A Review of the Trek Alliance Income Opportunity

The Trek Alliance website is either not available or so well hidden that it can not be found. Whatever the case, there is little to find about Trek Alliance except for quite a few very unhappy former investors and distributors. Apparently, Trek Alliance is a spin off from the former MLM company, Equinox which is now defunct because of legal problems stemming from fraud. Apparently, the upper management of Equinox left and started their own MLM company, Trek Alliance. Those who were in both companies report that there are many similarities between the two, although we have not found any direct allegations of fraud as far as Trek Alliance is concerned.

Who They Are

Trek Alliance was started by former successful Equinox leaders in September of 1997. The founders of Trek Alliance reportedly made promises to conduct their business in a manner that was completely different from the now defunct Equinox. Apparently, these leaders were upset by the unethical and illegal practices that the Equinox leader, Bill Gould, was conducting. Equinox International was shut down in April 2000 by regulatory authorities. Bill Gould is permanently barred from any MLM involvement. With this said, the leaders of Trek Alliance claim that they learned by Gould’s experience and do not care to repeat it.

What They Do

Trek Alliance is a MLM company that signs people to sell their health and wellness products. They have lines of vitamins, health supplements, skin care, shampoo and other personal care items.

How You Make Money

The most basic way that you make money through the Trek Alliance system is to sell their products. However, if you get your products through your supervisor, you actually make very little commission on each sale. On the other hand, if you buy your way into a supervisor position to the tune of $4,000, you stand to make much more on each sale. You also make money off of people you sign under you. For instance, if you are a supervisor and get someone to buy their way into becoming a supervisor, then you really make a substantial profit.

What We’ve Heard

We searched and could not find any positive feedback on Trek Alliance. They showed up on several MLM scam warning sites and there were quite a few testimonials that warned people against signing with them. After wading through the many negative feedback postings, we can sum up the general discontent in just a few areas:

* The initial ad to get you in the door is a ruse, an elaborate set up that is little more than a shiny false front
* You will drive up your debt “investing” in the company, purchasing products and buying your way up the ladder without ever really seeing a profit
* Representatives are encouraged to run misleading ads to recruit their downline
* Representatives are very aggressively encouraged to pay for and attend training classes that are virtually useless and a waste of time

These are the four main allegations that we got from numerous sites, testimonials and postings by people who had tried the business.

Perhaps you do get out of Trek Alliance what you put into it, but from all accounts there is a great deal of money that members must pay in order to make money – and more often than not, it seems that it doesn’t even allow them to break even.

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